LAMOS BANK is one of the best banks in Great Britain, which offers a wide range of services for non-resident companies, attracts with its convenience and ease of use, affordable prices and the possibility of opening an offshore account for any type of business.


If you have an account, we recommend that you also open an additional account with our bank. As the practice of Latvia and other offshore jurisdictions shows, an account can be blocked for the most ridiculous reason. And this means a stoppage of business, delayed payments, the inability to accept payment and, in general, a crisis stagnation for the company.


In 1998, LAMOS BANK was established and since then has been working steadily and helping to develop business for each client. Since 2002, LAMOS BANK has joined the international money transfer system, which advantageously allows for international transactions. Today, the bank supports Money Gram, Sigue Mone, Epayments, Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, Blockchain system, SWIFT and many other payment systems.

Business with LAMOS BANK is easy


LAMOS BANK was created to simplify the process of registering and starting a business. High-quality development tools and an individual approach to each client. Support service in touch 24/7.

The minimum package of documents for starting a business and a brief resume without visiting the bank

Full range of transaction processing and reporting tools

Manage your accounts online. Documents, reports, registrations, child accounts

High-quality support over a wide communication channel. Email, Skype, phone and others. 24/7

One card for all occasions



Give yourself the opportunity to feel like a king with the LAMOS BANK CARD from MasterCard   Gold+ 


This is a universal tool for business, travel and everyday life.


Card maintenance 0.00 EUR per year*

Reliable Merchant account for your business


Merchant account - an account for your business. This type of account allows you to accept payments from VISA, Master Card and others. This account ensures the functioning of your business 24/7, as it ensures the acceptance of payments around the clock, regardless of the hours of the bank or the seller: whenever the client pays for the purchase - at night, on weekends or holidays, the money will definitely be credited to the account.


Also, a merchant account provides the ability to accept payments from different countries, which will help you expand the geography of your business.


The heart of your business